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When a Dr.’s appointment goes wrong May 20, 2008

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Ok,  so my nickname used to be “the right now girl.”  Waiting is not my strong point.  Waiting for yesterday’s gyno appt. was torture and now I have to wait until Thursday for another appointment.  I feel like throwing something.  My temper has almost kicked in like it used to pre-medication.

Here’s how it went.  Dr. came in.  Did a quick exam.  Told me I had a polyp or a fibroid on my uterine lining.  Ok, already knew that.  He told me what they were going to do was put me out and remove it.  Just as I was going to start asking my questions, he starts reading the ultrasound results and gets all agitated. He suddenly says, “wait a second, this has to be a typo, if it isn’t we’ll have to do a different procedure. This says the growth is 5 cm. It can’t be that big, they must have meant mm.”  And he leaves to call the radiology dept.  Saying to sit still maybe we’d have an answer then.  We didn’t get one.  We didn’t get any answers.

I had all of my questions on my ubiquitous yellow pad and was never given a chance to ask a single one.  The nurse came back and said the radiologist had to be tracked down and I was to call on THURSDAY! to make another appointment.  Just an appointment not the procedure an appointment. As I said before, I don’t wait well.

When I got home I called my GP.  She said she was perplexed, the report said cm. in the report in several places making the chances of a typo minimal.  Then she told me to calm down, the marathon period had ended thus the emergency had ended. She couldn’t really answer my questions about the procedure since she didn’t know where he was going with it, as she is not a gynecologist (covering her ass, but I understand that).  So, she made me feel a little better but didn’t solve the waiting problem.

Anyway, I have to come up with some projects.  Unfortunately, school is on break.  But, with my psych meds working I can read now and write.  So, I think I’ll work on a research project.  I have a pile of books on the blacklist, and a great book on the WPA and Roosevelt.  Both are topics that interest me.  I’m also a little obsessed right now on the huge numbers of books with titles like “1001facts you should know about world history,” or “What you should have learned in school.”  Those books that have factoids we are supposed to know.  Why are there so many of these?  They must sell, or they wouldn’t keep publishing them.  Are we that under-educated that we need help?  Are we that attracted to facts fed to us in bite sized pieces?

Whoa went way off topic, sorry.

Have something you want to know more about?  Let me know, I want to research things.  I need to.  Its one of my favorite ways to kill time.  I might start posting my research articles on my google website again.  This maybe the impetus to get off my ass and build up my portfolio.


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