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About Astramillie April 22, 2008

am always asking people to answer questions out of nowhere but don’t know why I’m asking them(dad, what type of cement are you using and how many types are there?). I am trying to streamline my writing so I figured I’d combine the two. At the same time I have a insatiable need to tell everyone everything about myself. I’m bipolar, somewhat well medicated but have to change some of my meds right now because one of them turned on me. I am working on my MA in Liberal Arts through Texas Christian University taking classes online. It is a degree that in no way will get me a job. But, it has helped me figure out what my PhD will be in and is helping me get into the program I wanted. I have a teaching credential which I used for 6 years until I was given 6th graders and I started hiding under my bed.

I’ll be blogging about my illness as well as different projects I’m working on.  Right now I’m fascinated by the effect pop culture has on the course of history, or our perception of modern history. I have a year left on my MA, and I think there is enough to make an academic dissertation on this topic for my PhD.

I welcome all comments!


One Response to “About Astramillie”

  1. Hi Samantha,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad that you are able to write about your experiences and share with others. I look forward to read more of your postings. Do drop by and visit my blog too whenever you can.

    I have moved my blog to Blogger and just maintaining this WordPress because some friends are still link to it. So you can read my full posts at:

    Take care.

    Best Regards,

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