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Love Hate relationship with seroquel April 12, 2009

I’ve been reading a lot of negative blogs about Seroquel. Most I agree with to a point. Astrazeneca is a large pharm co. that worries primarily with the bottom line. Seroquel has some pretty evil side effects. I’ve put on weight and worse I’m now pre-diabetic. The diabetes link has been known about for years withfew warnings given to patients. Bad.
Here is why I stayed on it – it helped my mania better than any other med hands down. I only take it at night so the sedation meant I wasn’t taking sleeping pills.
Yes, I will be going off it if my diet change hasn’t affected my diabetic status. But, I wanted to give another perspective.


2 Responses to “Love Hate relationship with seroquel”

  1. briteblsn Says:

    I loved being on seroquel. But as a diabetic, my A1C is up around 10 (normal being between 4-7) and my blood sugar is averaging 300, I’m beginning to have other symptoms of diabetes that are far more dangerous, like tingling in my hands and feet, and vision issues… I can’t do it. And that’s taking only 150mg at bedtime. I had to come off of it.

    Now that my sugar is back down to “normal”, all of the “out of control” diabetic issues have gone away, but… I am hypomanic. Back to the drawing board.

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