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Inept doctors and a fibroid baby (note guys, mention of mensturation) May 15, 2008

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So, a few weeks ago my psych meds were finally stabilized.  Yay!  Then on the day my nephew was born my period started, ok big deal.  Eight days later its still going.  10 days, 12 days.  So, first step is to call pharm guy.  No, none of my meds can be causing this.

Now my cycles have been out of whack for a few years.  But, in January I went through a battery of tests.  When the sonogram and what I think is called an “inter-uterine scan” but I call the dildo test (its a dildo looking thing with flashing lights they insert and it takes pictures) results came in my Dr. was called out of town on an emergency.  I called the family clinic for the results a few times and the Dr. who was covering for her never returned the calls.  I was going to try one more time (squeaky wheel), but my family said to go by the no news is good news rule.  WRONG!!!

So here it is 4 months later, I’m in the Dr.s office because I’m on day 14 of my period and that doesn’t seem quite right and its getting a little old.  She’s looking at my records and all of a sudden I hear her curse under her breath.  Turns out she never received the results either.  I was supposed to get an MRI and a biopsy ASAP as I had a “thickening” in one sectioning of my uterine lining.  So, basically a growth, like a tumor.  That should have been looked at 4 months ago.  And its big enough that it is causing me to have the longest period in the world.  Its starting to end today (day 18), because my Dr. put me on estrogen.  Lots of it.  Which is not fun.

I go into to see new gyno on Monday.  Hopefully the hot flashes and agitation will be over by then since I won’t be taking the heavy estrogen dosages then.  I’ve been researching fibroids and uterine and menstruation problems and not even letting the word that won’t be named cross my lips.  Generally all symptoms and things I can cross off points towards a fibroid.  But, the seriousness of my symptoms may mean a hystorectomy.  I’ve decided if they have to remove it, since I can’t have children, I want the fibroid so I can put clothes and a bonnet on it, put it in a carriage and take it on walks.

So, everyone cross your fingers that I’m not the crazy lady with the fibroid baby.  Update later.


3 Responses to “Inept doctors and a fibroid baby (note guys, mention of mensturation)”

  1. Madness Says:

    Fingers and hoo-hoo crossed… I gotcha back sistah!

  2. astramillie Says:

    Thanks, I need an army behind me! Will you be my general?

  3. judd Says:


    I help spread awareness for the Fibroid Treatment and wanted to share these links about fertility as well as treatment for uterine fibroids in general. They are good about getting back to you when you have a questions.

    Just about everything concerning fibroids:

    About Fertility:

    Uterine Artery Embolization – Fibroid Removal:


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